Where: Corbett Church
When: Sunday 6:30 pm

Identity ThiefExposing Satan's plan to steal your purpose, passion and power. We've fallen prey to the subtle, believable lies of the enemy that we are inadequate, powerless, ineffective. As a result, God's purposes for our lives are short-circuited.

Identity Thief


Where: Corbett Church 
When: Tuesday 7:00 pm

Join us each week as we come before God in prayer to seek his will for our church and our community. 

Where: Corbett Church 
When: Sunday 5:30 pm

Alpha: is a series of interactive questions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation.  There's no pressure, no follow-up and no charge; it's just an open, informal space to explore and discuss life's big questions together.


Play Group

Where: Please Contact Megan Currie
When: Thursday 10:00 am

Join us each week to get together with Moms just like you. not perfect but trying our best to love and care for our children.

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